Recruitment & Outsourcing

Recruitment & Outsourcing

We provide right "personnel" to your company.

If you are looking for a temporary/employment agency, please let us serve you.
Since 1990, we have dispatched very qualified personnel to many customers, primarily in the manufacturing industry.
Our English/Portuguese bilingual staffs make the best efforts to support both our customers and workers so that they can feel comfortable and secure.
In 2003, we became the first in industry to acquire ISO9001 and ISO2000 (quality management system).
We provide right personnel to your company and contribute your business growth.


Strength of Shin-Ei Sogo Service

20-Year Community Based Business
Dispatching to Company
3-Step Hiring Criteria with Interview
Hiring Criteria
Meticulous Training and Follow-Up
Company Preschool
Preschool [Shin-Ei Land]
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