2020-04-21 09:41:42About holiday of Golden Week

The SHIN-EI office will be closed for the Golden Week from:

Saturday 2th May to Sunday 10th May.

We will resume work on Monday 11th.

2020-03-18 11:24:36Graduation Ceremony of Shin-Ei Hoikuen


The Graduation Ceremony of Shin-Ei Hoikuen was held on March 14!

The children were very beautiful, we wish they growing up heathy and working hard from now on !! Congratulations!!






2019-12-13 10:58:42Winter Holiday

The SHIN-EI office will be closed for the New Year Holiday from Saturday 28th December to Sunday, 5th January.

We will resume work on Monday 6th January.


.:*We wish you all a Happy New Year!*:.

2019-09-27 14:15:55The Shin-Ei Hoikuen Sports day (Undoukai)

The Shin-Ei Hoikuen Sports day (Undoukai) was held on September 21 , thank you all for your presence and collaboration!
The parents and family were certainly thrilled to watch your children doing their best in the activities, we at Shin-Ei were thrilled with them too!

Otsukaresama desu!

2019-09-27/undoukai4.jpg 2019-09-27/undoukai3.jpg 2019-09-27/undoukai1.jpg

2019-08-06 15:34:32About summer holiday

The office of Shin-ei will be closed this summer holiday, form August 10 (Sat.) to August 18 (Sun).


In this period many companies are also on holiday.


Let`s enjoy the holiday to rest a lot and also be very careful to health, so we can get back to work with courage and avoid missing the first day after the holiday!!

2019-06-05 10:30:3141° "Hamanako Clean Sakusen"

The Hamanako Clean Sakusen (Hamanako Lake Clean Operation) is held every year in June.
Shin-Ei participated this year too!!

For more informations about: (Japanese)


2019-06-05/gomihiroi1-1.jpg 2019-06-05/gomihiroi4-1.jpg 2019-06-05/gomihiroi2-1.jpg

2019-04-15 14:03:23About holiday of Golden Week

The SHIN-EI Office will be closed the day 27/4~5/5. In this period many companies are also off duty. We were able to lead a moderate life when we are working, but in the case of long days off this rate tends to deregulate. We will take care of your health during the holiday, so we can get back to work well!!

2019-01-11 16:06:26New Year Greetings

Happy New Year.

My best wishes for a new year of health, happiness and success.


Last year, specified worker dispatching undertakings were terminated. Accordingly, the name of general worker dispatching undertakings is no longer available, and all worker dispatching undertakings requires permit by the government. In addition, due to the changes in the Worker Dispatching Law, we have to meet the requirements in conflict date by company as well as by individual. It was a year that we all studied and practiced the new law, and we got employees and customers to understand and cooperate with us.


Moreover, it was revealed that the government inflated the number of worker hired under disability guidelines. In our company, we started working hard on the hiring disabled people about 3 years ago, especially disabled foreign workers. For the further improvement in hiring, I myself participated in 6-day training for Job Coach, and 5 staffs were trained to support the work and daily lives of disabled people. We also went to visit the factories of our clients that hire disabled people. In April of this year, we start the Department of Support to Social Integration “FUTURO''. It means future in Portuguese. I strongly hope to help people with disabilities to enter society and move towards their future.


In this year, we need to react and prepare for the Work-Style Reform passed by the government last year. In this Work-Style Reform, various working laws were revised including the Labor Standards Act and the Worker Dispatching Law. Among the revisions, tighter regulations in overtime work can be a big issue to both companies and employees.

For example, the new overtime regulation limits overtime hours under any circumstances. Violation was not punished before, but there will be punishment now. In our cases, the dispatched company receives administrative guidance as an employer. If no correction is observed, charges are filed against the dispatched company.

In such case, the dispatching company like us will receive guidance from the Labor Standards Inspection Office. If the punishment is financial penalty or above, it loses the dispatching license and will have to suspend business for at least 5 years. Therefore, it will be very important for our customer and us to work together to manage employee overtime.



MC900223021[1]In recent years, we have had many changes in the laws. But, all of us as Shin-Ei will continue to comply with laws and regulations, and with this, we ask you for your understanding and cooperation. We will work hard to satisfy our customers and employees, so that we can have feedback like “I’m happy to work with Shin-Ei!”



January 1, 2019

Shin-Ei Sogo Service

Kazuyo Kato, President

2018-12-26 10:34:30Winter Holiday

The SHIN-EI office will be closed for the New Year Holiday from Saturday 29th December to Sunday, 6th January.

We will resume work on Monday 7th January.


.:*We wish you all a Happy New Year!*:.

2018-08-03 16:47:01About summer holiday

The office of Shin-ei will be closed this summer holiday, form August 11 (Sat.) to August 19 (Sun).


In this period many companies are also on holiday.


Let`s enjoy the holiday to rest a lot and also be very careful to health, so we can get back to work with courage and avoid missing the first day after the holiday!!

2017-12-15 13:40:06Winter Holiday

The SHIN-EI office will be closed for the New Year Holiday from Saturday 30th December to Sunday, 7th January.

We will resume work on Monday 8th January.


.:*We wish you all a Happy New Year!*:.


2017-08-09 14:02:06About summer holiday

The office of Shin-ei will be closed this summer holiday, form August 12 (Sat.) to August 20 (Sun).

In this period many companies are also on holiday.

Let`s enjoy the holiday to rest a lot and also be very careful to health, so we can get back to work with courage and avoid missing the first day after the holiday!!

2016-12-22 07:00:45The attendance svhedule this holiday

The attendance svhedule this holiday season and beginning of next year.

We will attend as usual until midday (12:00a.m.) on December 28 and return the service starting from 9:00a.m. of the 6th of january.


We wish you all a Happy New Year.

2016-08-11 14:55:55About Summer holiday

The office of Shin-ei will be closed this summer holiday, form August 14 (Sun.) to August 21 (Sun).

In this period many companies are also on holiday.

Let`s enjoy the holiday to rest a lot and also be very careful to health, so we can get back to work with courage and avoid missing the first day after the holiday!!

2016-04-15 11:56:21About holiday of Golden Week

The SHIN-EI Office will be closed the day 29/4~5/5. In this period many companies are also off duty. We were able to lead a moderate life when we are working, but in the case of long days off this rate tends to deregulate. We will take care of your health during the holiday, so we can get back to work well!!

2016-04-15 11:55:40Graduation of SHIN-EI LANDIA

On Saturday March 12, 2016 was held the 10th Graduation Ceremony of SHIN-EI LÂNDIA. This year graduated 11 children. Entering the primary school make enough friends, make as effort in studies and sports without forgetting what they have learned in SHIN-EI LÂNDIA.『The graduation ceremony was very beautiful and very emotional. I am very grateful the SHIN-EI LÂNDIA teachers all over the dedication to our children. It is a pity that children will no longer to school, but never let us forget the moments spent in SHIN-EI LÂNDIA』

2016-02-10 13:00:57Please submit the My Number








Already presented the My Number? We have seen informing a few times in the Shin-ei News. From January 2016 is required My Number in the procedures of Tax and unemployment insurance. Those who have not yet submitted please provide as soon as possible. If the My Number still has not arrived, contact the prefecture or sub-prefecture references your neighborhood. In the case of absence in the delivery, it may be that the My Number returned to city hall or ward office. In this case go get the My Number directly at the counter. Necessary presentation any identify (driver`s license, zairyu card, etc) in order to receive the My Number on the counter. It is possible to withdraw the residence certificate with the inscription My Number (please check the city hall counter or sub-prefecture).

※ Thank you very much to people who have had the My Number.

2016-02-10 13:00:38You know the merits of the certificate of eligibility?

Entering the request of eligibility, have equal evaluation when renew the visa here in Japan. If approved you will receive the certificate of eligibility by the Japanese Immigration. Taking this eligibility certificate at the Japanese consulate in the country the visa will be issued. The merit and that the visa will be issued much faster to enter their own country.

*Statement by the person “M” that made eligibility by Shin-ei. “I always wanted to bring my daughter and my brother to Japan, but they told me that because of my income that was not possible. After thinking in various forms I decided to ask the Shin-ei. The president of Shin-ei remained the guarantor, with this in less than one month was delivered at home the certificate of eligibility of 4 people. I was very happy about it.

Anyway we can live the whole family together. This was possible because working in Shin-ei and the president was the guarantor. I am very grateful”

Can be laborious to prepare the documents to get eligibility, but there are several merits. The documents required to take the eligibility can vary from person to person. Any questions contact our office (053)472-6099

2016-01-15 18:47:29New Year Greetings

 One more year begins, and I come through this wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  The year 2016 begins full of new emotions and energy.

  Appreciate the cooperation and effort of all during the year 2015.


2015 was a year of changes for the contractors sector, which sanctioned the law which regulates the licenses for contractors.

  In November last year, was held in our office a related lecture the new laws, taught by teacher Tahara,    who clarified the important points.

  In this case we can count on the distinguished presence of your representatives more than 20 of our customers.

According to the new law, there are significant changes and obligations both for customers, and for contractors. I will explain here briefly, some changes that were made.

  • Abolition of Registration Contractor

In Japan there are now 83,000 contractors, this total are 60,000 contractors working with simple Contractor Registration.

To compare the number of convenience store in Japan is 53,000. Therefore the number of contractors is much higher.

As there is a big difference Registered Contractors (simple registered) and licensed (government approval is needed), it is assumed that for this reason has greatly increased the number of contractors with simple registration. Hamamatsu there are many contractors working with simple registration.(For tranquility of all, our company works from the beginning as a Contractor Licensed)

Contractors who are working with simple registration has a period of three years to try to acquire the license issued the government.

If within a period of three years cannot acquire the License, the contractor can no longer exercise legal activities.

  • Individual period that can allocated in service
  • Period in the job sector may receive allocated employee
  • Amongst other responsibilities and duties that both the contractor as the factories have to fulfill.   Our company is in constant contact with customers, explaining changes in laws and taking necessary steps, all to maintain the confidence of our customers always.


We make every effort to build a company where all employees can work with confidence, everything so that customers and employees can believeWas worth coming to Shin-ei, we also seek to working for the development of the city of Hamamatsu.

I finish here our New Year’s Greetings and

We ask all the collaboration on this new journey

Which begins.


      2016 Year    



2015-12-24 12:45:42The attendance svhedule this holiday

The attendance svhedule this holiday season and beginning of next year.

We will attend as usual until midday (12:00a.m.) on December 26 and return the service starting from 9:00a.m. of the 5th of january.


We wish you all a Happy New Year.

2015-12-09 14:27:45Bonus classification (% discount) on car insurance

In any car insurance contract has a bonus※ Depending on the bonus stipulated by the insurer, the amount of insurance is more costly or cheaper。The bonus level is made 1~20、in practice、1 rating insurance is more expensive (% less discount), ranking 20 insurance gets cheaper (% greater discount)。But, from the rating 7 the discount percentage be divided into 2 categories, without accident and with accident, and contracts with accident record they tend to earn less bonus (lower % discount)。Every new contract starts from the rating 6 (and there may be difference in bonus depending on the term of the contract regarding the age of the insured)。From the second vehicle made the insurance contract begins with the classification 7。Thus, from the second year of the contract, if no accident the previous year, the ranking goes up 1 degree。If the case in the previous year there is accident and use the insurance, accident classification goes down 3 degrees during three years the bonus insurance will be calculated as a bonus with accident。Damage caused by stones, windstorm and vandalism, accident classification lowers 1 degree during one year the bonus is calculated as a bonus insurance with accident。During the period in which the bonus is being calculated as a bonus with accident and there was another accident, the period with a lower percentage discount will be extended。(may be extended to six years)Who stopped working in Shin-ei and changed the group contract for regular individual contract, the share of insurance will be deducted bank account. Lately has increased the number of contracts canceled for nonpayment。Once the contract canceled, a new contract can be done, but the classification of the bonus begins starting from 6。(Who is graded below 6 and make a new contract in less than 13 months, the classification of the agreement remain the same)The bonus rating in the future can be transferred to the children, so for people who want to live for a long period in Japan, it is important to give importance to rating insurance。

SINCERO Kawaguchi

2015-12-09 14:27:13Preventive measures against influenza

  • Influenza Vaccine…Take the vaccine mitigates the symptoms, should it contract the disease. Not spread the disease, we will get the vaccine!!
  • Wash Hands…Efficient method for the virus eliminated. Regardless of whether or not influenza, this measure is a basic prevention to avoid infection.
  • Maintain humidity of the adequate air…When the air is dry, the influenza virus spread is easier. This is because the membrane dries the throat and reduces the defense mechanism, so let`s keep the humidity between 50%~60%!!
  • Rest well and eating well…Take care to maintain a healthy diet and get plenty is rest daily to strengthen the immune system.
  • Avoid going out at busy places or where there is overcrowding…When an influenza epidemic, are targets mainly the elderly, tired or having little sleep, avoid going out at busy places or crowded places. If you have to go out to these places, use mask and try to stay little time as possible in these places.

2015-12-09 14:26:34Study on changes in Labor Laws related to contractors

On 11.17.2015 it was held a lecture given by the panelist Tahara, coming specially from Hokkaido.「Labor Laws revised in the year 27」。On the gave prestige with the presence of representatives of 15 customers connected to Shin-ei。According to the review by the laws, from now on all contractors will require a license issued by the federal organ。(Until now there was 「License」 and 「Registry」for contractors。After review, only the 「License」 will be accepted。)Shin-ei, is already duly licensed by the federal organs and working in accordance with current legislation, all to ensure the tranquility of all。We continue striving to comply with the laws and providing satisfactory service to our customers and employees.

2015-11-20 10:59:53Seminar of safety and hygiene at work


On October 27, 2015 was held the Safety and Health Seminar taught by panelist Seki Shinichi of the company Seki Monozukuri Kenkyujo. The teacher reports on the extensive experience in the manufacturing area, which was very interesting. There are several human causes that influence the power of concentration (fatigue, disease, environment at home and at work, human relationships, etc.). Humans tends to get distracted especially when performing repetitive works. So they are carried out dangerous acts, which often end up in accidents. To prevent accidents due to these reasons, the factories there are several instruments, rules and sequences established. We will respect the rules to prevent accidents. Remove the protective cap to increase productivity, do not wear protective material due to the heat is disregarding the rules. Let's not do this.

2015-11-20 10:58:11How to correctly receive the notice of My Number

As we have seen so far in stating Shin-ei News, the My Number notification letter will be sent to every household in the form of registered mail (check below). This letter cannot just be put in the mailbox, is delivered direct the person needing the signature as well. In the absence in the delivery, the report of absence will be placed in the mailbox (Check the right). The My Number can be sent back to his residence (first case), or look directly into a nearby mail mail agency of their home or place of work (second case).

In the first case please call the telephone number indicated. Enter according to the voice guidance. Please enter data delivery with time and date of delivery (the day of delivery should be at least two days after the delivery date). Beyond the phone it can perform the request of the new delivery over the internet, mail and FAX. The second case mark (On the back of the sheet) would like to look at the post office near your home or work. Indicate which agency would like to receive. To receive it is necessary to take the report of the absence left by the mail, stamp and a document proving identity (Zairyu Card, driving license, etc.)

Notifications that could not be delivered due to absence, will be stored for 7 days at the post office that made the delivery. After this period the envelope will be returned to City Hall. The letter of the notification can not be sent. Even if it has made the request to resend the mail, this will be returned to City Hall.

◆Questions regarding the post, please contact the Central Mail service to customers.

 Phone 0120-2328-86(free call) cell phone call to 0570-046-666(Paid)

<customer service hours> (mon to fri)8:00am~10:00pm  (Sat, Sun and holydays)9:00am~10:00pm


Attention!In case of absence in delivery there is also the new delivery option is the neighbor or the company where he works. Such as My Number is very important, we advise that only family members receive the notification. There may also be problems in delivery due to errors in communication. Therefore we advise you receive at home or seek the indicated agency.

2015-10-13 10:56:56Review of Tokyo Marine vehicle insurance

In October the insurance Tokyo Marine suffered a Review. There were several minor changes, but we will inform the most important items.

  • Spending review at the car rental

Renovated clause which makes possible the use of rental vehicles, even involving accidents that do not require tow truck`s.

  • Greater coverage at offsetting the vehicle in case of total loss.l

Automatically the person to sign up for insurance damage the vehicle itself, will be paid 10% more insured value of the vehicle in case of total loss (being a maximum of 200,000 yen and minimum of 50,000 yen).

  • Expansion in clause enabling the vehicle registration in the special insurance new cars.

It increased the time that the new vehicles can sign up for this insurance (up to 37 months for up to 61 months).

For those interested in details please refer to the Sincero.

Kawaguchi of Sincero

2015-10-13 10:56:36Request for presentation of the statement of the tax deduction

Present the two guides (statement of deduction of tax) that were sent along with the hollerith. Fill in the necessary items and submit along with related documents. If this statement does not appear, the tax calculation will be conducted as if there were no dependents (even if the person has dependents). For those who have worked in another company this year please enclose voucher the retained tax at source (Guensen Choushuuhyou).

2015-10-08 13:59:59Undokai of SHIN-EI LÂNDIA

Was held last September 26 (Saturday) the eighth Undokai of Shineilandia. The event was a lot of fun as long as the presence of more than 250 people. All children were able to demonstrate all the dance training, running and others who had every morning in the park. It was a day that the children could really gleam.

2015-09-23 10:35:43Individual Number mailing will begin in October!

The “My Number” Individual Number system is about to begin in Japan.

The Individual Numbers, each one unique to its holder, are important because they are required for procedures at municipal offices, etc.

From October 2015 on, your municipality will mail an envelope to your residence (at the address registered therewith). 

The envelope contains a “Notification Card” with your Individual Number





Notification Card (Tsūchi Card)





Handle your Individual Number with care!


Keep your Notification Card at hand and be careful not to throw it away or tear it.

To avoid illegitimate use of your Individual Number, do not tell it to others except as required.

“Individual Number Cards” will be available!

Your “Individual Number Card” also serves as an ID card bearing your Individual Number.

In some municipalities, convenient options like having convenience stores issue residence certificates are available.

To apply for an “Individual Number Card”, fill in and send back the application provided with the “Notification Card.”

Individual Number Card (Kojin Bangō Card)






Application (Mōshikomisho)


front                                                       back


If you have any questions 


Go to the site below, or call the number below. You can also contact the municipal office of the town where you live (your municipality).

・Web site
・Call center
0570-20-0291 (English / Chinese / Korean / Spanish / Portuguese)
[Until 30 September 2015]
Monday – Friday 9:30 – 17:30 (not available on weekends or holidays)
[From 1 October 2015 through 31 March 2016]
Monday – Friday 9:30 – 20:00 Weekends/holidays 9:30 – 17:30
(Not available during the New Year’s holiday)
*Call charges will apply because these are Navi-Dial services.



2015-07-11 16:59:45Shall initiate the My Number system ~vol.2~


角丸四角形: 通知カード氏  名 : 番号 花子住  所 : 静岡県浜松市中区○町△丁目△番生年月日 : 昭和△△年○○月○○日性  別 : 女個人番号 : 1234 5678 9012






As of October will be sent by mail(registered mail)the notification card with 12-digit number for those who have the residence certificate(Juminhyo). Notification is sent to the registered address in the town hall, people have changed and have not updated this information in local government, please do as soon as possible. The My Number will be required to perform the procedures for pensions and health insurance, income tax returns and others. So receiving the notification card, please give a copy to SHIN-EI. Those who have dependents deliver the copy of the notification of dependents as well.

2015-07-11 16:59:07Caution of the deadline for renewal of Driver`s license!

 When the deadline of the license renewal approach, there will be a notice through postcard [Renewal Notice of Driver's License – Unten Menkyosho Koushin no Oshirase]. The deadline for application is 1 month before and 1 month after the anniversary.






If you do not get the postcard・・・

The postcard is sent to the registered address on the license drive. People who have moved and have not updated the address, there is the possibility of the postcard did not arrive. But even without the postcard is to renew the license, personally going to the particular location.

If you forget to renew license・・・

If you forget to renew your license, you will need to do new tests (written and practical) within six months maturity. After six months to a period of one year, the provisional license will be issued (Karimen). (This applies only to those with normal, chugata and oogata license). Exceptions for cases is on trips outside Japan, be hospitalized in hospitals, etc ... If there is a valid reason and a presentation of documents that can prove the fact, until three years after the expiration of enabling a new license may be required clearance since seje within one month.

2015-06-15 10:59:02Help those affected in Nepal earthquake





~ Even knowing the impotence before the disaster, I think we can do  something about it ~

●Mail(Bank of Mail)donation account

Account Number:00190-5-31000

Account Name:Koueki Zaidan Houjin Nihon Unicef Kyoukai

●Bank Mitsui Sumitomo   donation account

Agency:Bank Mitsui Sumitomo Tokyo Koumubu

Account Number:Futsu Yokin 162609

Account Name:Nihon Unicef Kyoukai Kinkyu BokinGuchi2

Addition to the items above there are several ways to help.

We rely on the strength of all

2015-06-15 10:58:35Shall initiate the My Number system ~vol.1~

The My Number system will start from January 2016. This system has the intention to build the foundation of a just and fair society, optimizing government departments and increasing the convenience to the public. From October 2015 will be sent to everyone (regardless of nationality or age) who have the residence certificate (Juminhyo) a notification card containing your number. Currently the information to identify a person in the various government agencies (numbering of health insurance, social security numbers, numbering unemployment insurance, tax returns, etc.) were different. The items above shall be associated with the same number, simplifying the bureaucratic procedures of various government departments. Future due to IT technology information will be associated, without the need to submit documents in attachments facilitating our lives.

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