What’s Shin-Ei Nursery school?

Preschool, Shin-Ei Nursery school, was established to support parents working for Shin-Ei Sogo Service.
We also give the service of taking sick children to hospital, so that their mothers don't have to miss work.
Since 2012, we have implemented Yokomine Childcare System as an educational method to fully increase their potentials.
At Shin-Ei Nursery school, Japanese nursery teachers and Japanese Brazilian nursery assistants engage in childcare for children aged 1 to 6 years and after-school care for elementary school students.
Therefore, it has very unique and active environment of language exchange in Japanese and Portuguese.
Both Japanese and Brazilian children enjoy being at Shin-Ei Nursery school every day in respect of each other's culture and language.

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To Keep Children Smiling

The majority of foreign parents in Japan are both working including Japanese Brazilians, and they have small children in many cases.
While their mothers are working, children have to be taken care of at some day care centers. However, childcare system for foreign children still needs significant improvement, and many children go through difficult time after entering elementary school without language skill in Japanese or even Portuguese. Shin-Ei Nursery school was formed as a company preschool based on long-held aspiration of Kato, the President of Shin-Ei Sogo Service. As a working mother herself, it was a long-term dream to establish a reliable preschool where other working mothers could leave their children.

Message from Kazuyo Kato, the President of Shin-Ei Sogo Service

"Japanese language skill is an essential requirement to stay and live in Japan longer. If children grow up without proper Japanese and Portuguese language skills, their academic and employment choices become very limited. I have seen such cases so many times in the past, and it makes me want to teach them Japanese language and culture. It's universally common to wish well-being of children. Many mothers see their children playing vigorously in Shin-Ei Nursery school and feel safe to go to work."

Message from Koichi Sato, the Principal of Shin-Ei Nursery school

"Our motto is to teach children languages, cultures and lifestyles of Japan and Brazil evenly. Therefore, we celebrate Easter and Halloween just like we celebrate Japanese Doll Festival and Star Festival. Multinational children are more energetics than Japanese children, and they learn Japanese very quickly. We gain good energy and inspiration from children every day."

Shin-Ei Nursery school

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