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Value the Relationships with People.

Taking care of 3 Brazilian young men got me started the human resource outsourcing business for Japanese Brazilian people in 1990.

At that time, Brazilian people didn't understand Japanese laws and lifestyle, so it was very challenging for me to teach them the difference between Brazil and Japan. However, I just keep trying to do everything I can to support them, and now here I am. On the other hand, I educate them on important Japanese culture and laws to live and work in Japan with the theme of co-existence and co-prosperity.

Most of our employees are Brazilians, but in recent years, job seekers from various countries visit our company such as Philippine, Vietnam, Peru and China. I strongly believe that our mission is to train and educate them for next generation with the focus on co-existence and co-prosperity while supporting people with various nationality and culture.

Through such corporate efforts, we keep providing human resources service satisfying our customers. Finally, we value the relationship with people, work together as one and move forward based on our company philosophy, "appreciation, customer satisfaction, realization of dreams." We truly appreciate your understanding and support.

President director Kazuyo Katou

Shinei Sogo Service
President director Kazuyo Katou

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