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We provide suitable personnel.

To company who is considering employment.
We will take care about recruitment of foreigner including Brazilians.

Recruitment・Out sourcing
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For Worker Friendly Environment

Since the majority of our workers are foreign citizens, our bilingual management staffs support those non-Japanese speakers living in Japan.
We have social insurance, employment insurance and industrial injury insurance, provide periodic medical checkups, and carry out thorough health management for our employees.
We also operate a preschool for moms and dads as well as automobile insurance agent in order to secure our employees' safety.

Shin-Ei Nursery school

Shin-Ei Nursery school

We established a preschool so that parents can feel safe to leave their children and work.

Preschool [Shin-Ei Nursery school]



We train our employees with our original training program to meet various customer's needs.


Full Supporting System by Multilingual Staffs

We provide professional services in management, reception, sales and accounting.


Company Motto

  • Do not lie
  • Respond Yes or No clearly

Quality Policy

  • To provide qualified personnel to customers.
  • We will do a service to your needs.
Our Staff

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Multi-cultural Preschool

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